How can we support you to become an RA

06 Mar 2023

Dear Stakeholder,

As you are aware, the IRBA has launched the ADP Reloaded which has improved the programme to meet stakeholder expectations, promote quality training to become competent Registered Auditor (RA) and create efficiencies in the process of completing the Audit Development Programme (ADP).

To promote transformation and accessibility to the ADP, there is an exciting partnership between FASSET and the IRBA to deliver an SMME employee support programme as one of the FASSET strategic priorities. The programme aims to identify and provide support to small black audit firms with African candidates eligible to register for the Audit Development Programme (ADP).

In order to apply and be part of this amazing journey towards you or someone in your firm becoming an RA through this FASSET SMME employee support programme, please refer to the notice for further information and application details.

The deadline for applications has been extended to 15 March 2023.

For any enquiries, please email us on


Nadine Kater
Director: Education and Transformation

About the IRBA
The objective of the IRBA is to endeavour to protect the financial interests of the South African public and international investors in South Africa through the effective and appropriate regulation of audits conducted by registered auditors, in accordance with internationally recognised standards and processes.