What is the ADP

The ADP is period of work experience undertaken by a qualified professional accountant that is relevant to the work of a Registered Auditor (RA). The work experience enables the individual’s development of professional competence in the workplace and provides a means whereby individuals can demonstrate the achievement of professional competence in a Registered Auditor firm.

The ADP is the joint responsibility of the IRBA and the RA firms. It builds on the competence of a professional accountant and focuses on the competence required for a specialist role within the field of professional accountancy; that of an RA.

To learn more about the IRBA, Why you should register as RCA and the ADP Programme, including all it’s requirements, check out our ADP Learning Content

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our Education and Transformation Department via e-mail adpadmin@irba.co.za.

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