So you are in the exciting world of articles, you are now putting the knowledge you have attained from your degrees into practice.
Does the idea of Public Protection excite you?
If yes…
Then you are in the right path… A career as a Registered Auditor (RA) will most certainly grant you many opportunities to serve the economic interest of the people of South Africa and international investors.
Join us in exploring the world of opportunities within the auditing profession.

So what does an RA do?

An external auditor is an independent professional who conducts external audits of companies. An external auditor expresses an opinion on the fair presentation of companies’ financial statements.
In expressing the opinion an auditor would typically audit the accounting systems, procedures and financial statements of a company, and would evaluate the way in which the company manages corporate funding and financial risk. An auditor would also ensure that a company complies with all the legal requirements of its business and that tax payments are correct and in line with tax legislation and requirements.

So why does the country need RAs?

Registered Auditors add credibility to the financial statements of companies through the expression of audit opinion on their clients’ financial statements.

So how do I become an RA?

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Why the ADP?

  • Public Protection
    • All RAs will gain managerial experience before eligibility to register as RAs
    • All RAs will be exposed to practice management aspects of the profession before they are eligible to register as RAs
  • Increased levels of Professional Scepticism through the managerial experience as RCA will deal with matters of increased complexity
  • Access to the profession as those who completed their articles with an electives other than audit and assurance may also register for the ADP
  • The ADP is beneficial not only to those candidates wanting to be RAs, but also adds a different dimension of experience to any candidate’s CV

An overview of the life of an RA

A Specialised Chartered Accountant
Opportunities – Travelling…. Different Client…
Can work in diverse environments – Banks… Manufacturing… Mines… Government… Within the audit firms… Can open your own auditing firm… Forensic Auditing… And many, many, many more…

What is my next step?

Only firms that are registered with the IRBA may offer the ADP. You therefore need to complete your training contract and complete your board examinations; you then need to be retained by the firm to gain the ADP experience. Remember you don’t need to complete the ADP within the same firm from which you completed your training contract. You may also get credit from the ADP for exposure gained while on international secondment. For more details on the ADP, please refer to the ADP section.

So what is the IRBA and what does the IRBA do?

The IRBA is a Regulatory Board regulating the Auditing Profession in South Africa. The IRBA reports to the Minister of Finance. The mandate of the IRBA by law is Public Protection. We develop the competence requirements for auditors, we write the auditing standards, we inspect the auditors to ensure that they comply with the auditing standard and we discipline auditors where they are not compliant with laws and regulations.

Can I work for the IRBA?

Once you have qualified as a Chartered Accountant or Registered Auditor. You can be a Manager in the education department… You can be an Inspector… You can be a Forensic Investigator… and many another positions.