ADP Graduates Candidates

The IRBA is proud to present candidates who have successfully completed the Audit Development Programme. We wish candidates all the success in their roles within the profession. The IRBA would also like to extend our gratitude to the candidates’ Oversight RAs and their firms for their commitment and contribution to the success of the candidates.

Alida Smit

Graduation: 15 November 2018
ORA: Jana Duvenage

At the time I finished my articles I was not yet sure what I wanted to do or where I should go. I decided that I am going to do the ADP and qualify as an RA as that was my ultimate goal when I started studying - that would also keep the different career options open. Also, in my view, the title “RA” is one that people look up to and it creates trust. I found the programme and its structure very good as it teaches you the responsibility of what it would mean when you have to sign the audit opinion one day. To compile the Portfolio of Evidence is hard work, but if you document everything after each audit the time constraint is manageable.

I am very happy with my work and the office environment and I would like to stay in the company. I would like to someday become a director/partner with my current firm. In the meantime, I want to help build our firm to be the best in our area, to gain knowledge in other accounting services and be able to help the firm extend into those services.

Altea Blignaut

Graduation: 29 October 2018
ORA: Michiel Kruger

If you want to remain within the auditing profession, the additional time in relation to the programme should not be seen as a reason to not participate on the ADP. The support of my firm, and especially my ORA, was outstanding in not only helping me to be an auditor but to be an exceptional individual within the field.

I applied for RA registration the day after I received my final sign-off letter for the ADP.

Proffessor Nomaqhawe Mafela

Graduation: 29 October 2018
ORA: Pieter Steyn

Ever since my first year as a junior trainee, auditing has been my passion. For me, auditors play an integral role in the well-being of businesses as well as the economy as a whole.

As auditors, we assist the receiver of revenue, the society and other stakeholders to uphold their purpose. To be a part of this gives me a sense of being a part of something greater than myself.

The thrill of working in the fast-paced audit environment as well as the opportunities to work on a diverse range of clients and with colleagues from different walks of life are two of the many reasons that have made me not leaving auditing.

Apart from this, training and assisting future CAs to meet their full potential gives me a sense of fulfilment. Watching their growth and development under my mentorship are some of my greatest achievements.

The programme, though challenging, was extremely comprehensive. Not only did it teach me a significant amount about audit but it also taught me about myself. It assisted me to grow as an auditor and as an individual.

I have already started encouraging other CAs to participate in the programme and will continue doing so. I feel that in order to grow as an auditor, the ADP is a must. Before I started with this programme I thought I knew everything that there was to know about the ISAs. However, after completing the programme I realised that there is a lot more that I have learnt and a lot more that can be learnt.

Anilda Botes

Graduation: 26 October 2018
ORA: Nicolaas Grobler

I chose to stay in the auditing profession as I find it very stimulating. The diversity of the clients we serve, meeting new people and being challenged are all factors that I considered when choosing to stay in the profession. Success follows passion. My passion is to implement all the knowledge and skills that I have acquired through my journey as a student. Also, I am passionate about developing talent and imparting the knowledge I have acquired over the past 10 years onto the new generation of clerks that join our firm.

It was overwhelming at first, and on numerous occasions I said that I would rather write an examination. However, if I have to look back at the process, it was refreshing and it challenged me to think out of the box. By doing the programme I have grown from a personal and business point of view and am a better professional because of it.

Disego Debeila

Graduation: 26 October 2018
ORA: Victor Makali

I am currently in public sector audit working for the Office of the Auditor-General which aims to build public confidence through auditing. My stay in audit is to contribute to the economy and ensure proper financial and governance systems through auditing.

The portfolio of evidence we need to submit assisted me with regards to the audit documentation process, which I am applying in my day-to-day work.

Besides auditing, my passion is assisting with community outreach programmes that alleviate poverty. I also want to push more for the inclusion of blacks to the audit profession to contribute meaningfully to the economy of the country.

Muhammad Cachalia

Graduation: 16 August 2018
ORA: Ramona Clark

Auditing is often an overlooked profession that can be very exciting if approached from the right perspective. To be a competent auditor you need a thorough understanding of business systems, finance, accounting frameworks, tax laws, legal requirements and audit frameworks at the same time; and you are constantly required to stay abreast of advancements in all of these fields. This ensures that an auditor always has a good understanding of all the relevant developments in these fields and ensures that auditors generally have great overall business acumen.

Auditing also allows me the opportunity to interact with many people in the business world who I otherwise would never have had a chance to interact with; and it allows me to gain valuable business insight based on these interactions with them.

I found the programme interesting and I appreciated the fact that the programme ensured that I had hands-on practical experience in the necessary competences before being signed off as a Registered Auditor; as opposed to having only academic knowledge of these competences, which are often not easy to really grasp by only reading about them.

After completing the programme, I really do feel more confident about my ability to practice as a Registered Auditor than I would have felt had I only completed a theoretical exam and then registered as an auditor. I hope to make a valuable contribution to the audit profession by pioneering new and improved methods of auditing and growing my firm into one of the leading audit firms in the country.

Stanley Ramalatso

Graduation: 16 August 2018
ORA: Victor Makali

Most CAs I have had a chat with indicated that a career in auditing is risky and it requires long hours, but in commerce there is not much pressure. Personally, I find auditing fulfilling, and a career that will expose me to different industries within a short period. The programme was an eye opener. When one completes training articles, one always thinks that they have acquired all the skills needed to be a professional and conquer the world. The programme helped me to achieve additional competences and skills that are important and needed for a Registered Auditor to succeed in practice. My future plan is to join one of the small existing auditing firms as a partner and help make that firm competitive in the market.